Friday, October 08, 2010

Restating my goals: Who is my audience?

I realized the other day that one of the reasons I'm getting so apathetic toward my writing is that I haven't been focusing on my goals as a writer. I've looked at other writers in my genre, and I want to congratulate Kiersten White for her success. I mean, three printings in less than two months? That's HUGE! Printings are supposed to last for at least a year...if not longer.

Personally, I would love to have that many readers. Especially if the majority of them are young adults. I've talked about this before. I want young adults to have options when they go to the bookstore. There's a lot of fiction out there for young adults, but a lot of it is either geared toward young women or it's filled with vampires. I have nothing against those books, but young men and readers who don't want to read about vampires are left with fewer options.

YA books for young men, especially, appear to be lacking these days, not in quality, but in quantity. My biggest goal as a writer is to help fill that need. If adults join in and read my books, great, but that's not where I want to focus.

This is my audience, and this is where I will focus my efforts.

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  1. I don't know if I ever pointed you in the direction of the author Garth Nix, but you should read him. As much as I love his books, every time a male reads them they seem to enjoy them much, much more than I do (I was introduced to him by Cody, who really loves his work). "Shade's Children" is one of his stand alone works that I really think speaks to a male audience much more than a female audience (though I still found it brilliant), and doesn't have a single vampire in it!