Monday, October 25, 2010

Where do I go from here?

When I got up this morning I intended on sending out another query letter. However, I have not seen any positive results from this letter. I didn't want to try again only to get ignored and/or rejected (a feeling I've been fighting for a while now). However, after looking into an agent's client list to see if my book would be a good fit for her, I discovered yet another blog with query advice.

Unlike all of the other pages I've read before, this site broke queries down to their basic elements and then gave a few examples of how to construct the letter from the building-blocks laid out before me. VERY helpful.

So today, instead of working on my short story or sending out another query letter, I'm writing a new query. I may even do this with Defender of the Crown and send IT out to a few more agents.

See, this all came about because I haven't seen any positive results, and I didn't know where else to look to learn how to improve my work. But I did some digging (which took some real effort) and didn't come up with anything helpful. Like I said, I stumbled across this tidbit by accident. I'm always willing to learn, the unfortunate circumstance that I'm in, though, is that I can't seem to find anyone who can really point me in the direction of good teaching. I just feel like I'm stumbling blindly through this submission process, and all of the other unpublished authors I run across seem to be in the same position.

So for those of you who need some query help, check out this site.

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