Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Missed a day...woops!

Yesterday I spent an entire work-day fighting a jurisdiction battle with some lovely people downtown. You see, I needed to deliver some equipment to a local venue for a client of mine, but the people running the dock decided, for some reason unknown to me, that I didn't deserve to deliver my gear. So I spent more than an hour just waiting for people up the food chain to make decisions that would allow me to take care of my client.

The biggest problem, really, is the group running the event. The union hands gave me some grief, but most of the times that I deal with this particular union I'm treated well and it takes me less than five minutes to get in and out. I guess this particular event-organizing company just doesn't like letting the exhibitors do their job. As a result of their policies (and this is only my speculation based on the experiences I've had with this specific group) I assume the union is required to be rude, disrespectful, and overwhelmingly unhelpful unless the folks delivering gear are actually members of the union.

I never have trouble with this union, either. When other organizations put on events, the local hands are polite, easy to work with, incredibly fast, and if it's necessary, they let me load and unload my own gear... gear that my dad's company owns in a vehicle that we also own. If it's my gear, in my truck, and I'm not allowed to touch it, there's something wrong. Besides, I treat the equipment better than they do. I have the right to work and serve my client, and it just irritates me that I don't get to do my job because a few guys are afraid of losing their contract...or whatever the problem is.

Anyway, I didn't get to touch my computer yesterday, so I didn't get a post up. See you tomorrow.

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