Monday, December 06, 2010

Christmas Music

I know a lot of people hate Christmas music, and when I worked at Borders, it drove me nuts. However, there are some music collections that I really enjoy! The Vince Guaraldi Trio (the guys who performed the Charlie Brown music) have some awesome Christmas stuff, and if you create a Pandora station based on Celtic Woman (holiday), you'll get some truly relaxing/festive music that's easy to listen to and enjoy. It's also great background music when you need to write a query (which I've been doing this morning, and with some success despite waking up late).

When I'm playing my music at work (which is an awesome perk!), I keep the Christmas stuff to a minimum. Usually, I pull up a Pandora Quick Mix with a handful of rock and/or ska stations, and then I add the Charlie Brown Christmas station. It's easy to enjoy that mix of music without my co-workers threatening to lynch me for over-indulging my perky Christmas Spirit!

I know it sounds weird, but I love Christmas. At least now that I'm not working in retail! I remember setting up our Christmas tree every year on the day after Thanksgiving, and we had the railing that we would put garland on, along with snow-flake ornaments that depicted each scene from the Twelve Days of Christmas. My twin and I (at ages 5-7 or 8) would then get the Christmas CD with that song, and we'd run up and down the stairs, singing along and pointing at each ornament as it's corresponding notes shrieked out of our lips.

I miss those decorations. And it bums me out that all I get to do at my apartment is one strip of garland with a handful of ornaments on it. If only my cat would leave a Christmas tree alone. Not that I have room for a tree in this tiny place.


  1. Great post. I also love the Christmas season and all that goes along with it, including the music. I love walking into the Macy's up my way, because you enter through the cosmetics section and smell all the perfumes and Christmas music is playing. Have a Merry Christams and thanks for the great trip down memory lane.

  2. As I remember it, you two bounced up & down each step on your butt ... which was incredibly cute! You can have those ornaments, if you want them ... there here at the house ... somewhere ... I think.

    Maybe I'll get a small tree this year ... what's it been? 10-12 years since we decorated? And why is that, son? Bec., altho everyone loved setting up the tree, etc. the day after Thanksgiving, *I* was the one who took everything down ... alone ... in April ... after our trips! But I'm not bitter ... much. :-) <3

  3. The Charlie Brown music always gives me a warm fuzzy Christmas feeling!

  4. I've always found that the Christmas music I can't stand is all the over-commercialized pop-sounding songs. As much as I protest Christmas music, there are some truly beautiful songs which are classically "Christmas" and amazing. Usually these songs are the ones more religious in nature, and as such not over played by stores and radio.

    Hope you find a fun way to decorate this year, we've been carefully decorating our our own cat's tendency to destroy things, so I know it can be a challenge!

  5. You know, we could always buy more garland and make it go all the way around the living room ceiling...

    Ha! I'm brilliant!

  6. HA! After years of getting corrected, even on this blog, I finally caught my mother on, not one, but TWO grammar mistakes!

    You said "there" when you meant "they're", and "altho" is not a word :D

    Love you, mom! *big grin*

  7. You do have a point, Emily, but then we'd have more garland to store in our over-crowded apartment. :)

  8. I recline corrected. You must have had a wonderful teacher! *equally big grin*