Friday, December 03, 2010

Giles Hash's Guide to Christmas Shopping part 2

On Wednesday, I gave the fellas some advice on gift-shopping for women. Now, ladies, pay close attention because this is the moment you're waiting for. I will tell you the one secret you need to know to get the perfect gift for your man each and every time you go shopping!

Go ask him what he wants, then get it for him :) If he says he doesn't know what he wants, he means it. He won't give you covert hints about what he might like, but when he thinks of a present he would like, he'll point it out to you.

Two tips: get him what he asks for. If he wants a Black&Decker cordless drill, don't get him a DeWalt. If he tells you to get the newest Mario game for the Wii, make sure it's not Little Planet for the PS3. Now don't accuse me of condescension, here. I'm using rather basic examples just to make a point. And my point is: if you ask your boyfriend/husband for a very specific sapphire necklace that you know is in your price range and matches several outfits in your closet, you might be rather upset if he gets you pearl earrings that don't match any outfits that you own.

But in the end, shopping for a guy is just as much a hit-and-miss venture as is shopping for women. Get to know your significant other, and ask lots of questions. Then you'll be sure to get each other the perfect gifts this year!

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