Thursday, January 13, 2011

Late update

Well yesterday I finished this draft of my query, and then work got so busy that I forgot to write a post on my lunch break. However, there is only one critique up for my query right now, so I can't really make any revisions to it this morning. Besides, I should wait a little while before I go back to edit it so that I have a chance to gain new perspective on the letter.

Today I have decided to start writing a food review once a month. I will either cook a meal/special dish, or I'll review a restaurant (the home-cooking will be the most consistent since I'm trying not to eat out too often), and then I'll post about it. I'm thinking the third Monday of every month, but I need to make sure that my schedule will permit me to take the time to cook something worth reviewing.

Also, if I make a dish, I'll tally up the cost of ingredients that I use. I know writers tend to be short on cash, and it's always nice to have ideas for tasty meals on a small budget. Of course, when I use someone else's recipe, I'll give full credit where credit is due.

Anyway, just that update today, I'll see you again tomorrow!

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