Friday, February 11, 2011


I'm reaching the end of my short-story project, and I'm getting ready to sit down and write another book while I query for The Wyrm Fiend. (I'm considering resuming the query process for Defender of the Crown, too.) But I find myself wondering what I should do with my next novel. I have a few ideas, and let me throw them out at you.

YA or adult? I've heard it time and again: YA is hot right now. That's not why I write YA. I just love writing those books. I enjoyed reading Harry Potter, I'm loving Hunger Games, Paranormalcy really entertained me, and many other books in YA fill my bookshelves. That's an audience I genuinely want to write to. But is it over-saturated right now? There are a ton of aspiring authors who write to that audience. Many of the collaborative blogs that I run across also discuss YA. And at this point, I'm not having a lot of luck getting representation for my Young Adult titles.

I'm not going to give up, of course. I fully intend to sell my YA books at some point, but do I forge ahead with more titles, or establish a name for myself in a different market and then publish a YA book? (You know, kinda how James Patterson and John Grisham did it).

My other dilemma is the choice between genres. I don't want to write another urban fantasy, classic fantasy, or attempt paranormal fiction. Defender is almost a steampunk/magical story, and I really enjoy the steampunk stuff that I've read. So I'm considering a steampunk novel. The problem is, that genre is getting popular. Is it going to be over-saturated when I start to pitch it? I know, don't write to the audience, and that's not what I'm trying to do. I just don't want to throw something out into the world if it's going to be like every other book out there. I want to write something that's different from the "popular" books on the shelves.

So I am strongly considering the Flatiron City novels. After all, that's where my short story takes place, and I have a solid back-story for the setting, decent characters, and ideas for plots. I know sci-fi is a tough sale these days, but again, I'm not "writing to the market."

Any thoughts? What sounds the most intriguing to all of you out there?


  1. Hi Giles! This is a tough question to pose. I am a huge YA fan, trying to write to that audience as well.

    I would suggest you write what is burning in your head currently. Wash away the doubt and go for what you want to get out there first.

    Just my two cents worth!

    Happy writing!

  2. Thanks, Jen :D

    The biggest problem I'm having right now, though, is that I want to do it all! I'd like to take a swing at a steampunk novel, maybe even set in Colorado Springs during the time that Tesla lived there, but I REALLY want to write the FC stories, too.