Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Work day... Hard work.

Working setups for my day-job can be stressful. That's mostly because I grew up setting up and tearing down audio, video, and lighting equipment. It just stresses me out. I don't like the schedule, the time crunch, or the type of work. But I'm REALLY grateful for the work. And today is supposed to be a really easy day.

Many setups take six hours or more, sometimes with just a 30min. lunch. This one is expected to take about four or five hours. Max. Which means I have an easy day. I have to drive to the south side of town after the setup, but then I'm done for the day! I get to come home and... make supper. I'll try to work on editing, but this job is EXHAUSTING.

But I'm not working tomorrow. I think. I will DEFINITELY edit tomorrow. Even if I have to work the day-job.

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