Monday, March 21, 2011

Gettin' a New Home... Maybe.

So as I said on Friday, my wife and I started making a big life-decision this weekend. And no, we're not having a baby. We decided to start looking for a new place to live. And this time we're buying.

We're both pretty tired of renting a place, and it looks like the place that we want to buy will be less per month than anywhere we could try to rent. It just gets old having to pay someone as much money as we do for a one-bedroom apartment when we really can afford a two-bedroom place. We're pretty excited, but even though we haven't committed to anything yet, it's already consuming a lot of our time. Writing may suffer this week. And every week until we're moved in (if we get this place).

I'm concerned about space, though. The floor-plan is a little weird. I'm used to squares. You know, hard corners that accept hard corners. All of which are at right angles. But this place has one long wall that runs at an angle from the master bedroom all the way to the entry way. Then there's a fireplace on the opposite wall which is at a right angle from the kitchen. And the chimney is made of stone rather than covered in drywall. This will make it hard for us to put up our TV. I have some ideas, and since the mantle is made of wood, I may bolt the TV into the mantle with a swiveling wall-bracket.

Anyway, all of that is to say that I fell behind on my writing this weekend. And it's almost time for me to head in to work. There's no game-night tonight, though, so I'll spend time working on my novel after dinner. I may have a few days off this week, too, which would give me a nice opportunity to get more writing done. On the other hand, if I'm buying a place, I could use the money...

See you Wednesday.

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