Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I get to write a book!!

So I have a few days off from the day job. That's exciting because I have some cleaning to do around the apartment, but I also get to start writing my new book! I'm not giving up on WYRM FIEND yet, and I'm strongly considering re-writing the query for DEFENDER OF THE CROWN, but that won't come until I've finished this new book. And in case you're wondering, I decided to go the sci-fi/mystery-thriller route.

I have a lot to do today, and not much to say, so please go donate to the charity of the month, Feed The Children, and help out a child who might otherwise starve.


  1. Hope you have some great writing days ahead.

  2. Time off from the day job is a wonderful thing.

  3. Matthew, it definitely is. I'm still working a bit this weekend, and I have a delivery that'll take me about an hour and a half tomorrow morning, but it's SO nice to get some time to write.