Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This is definitely going to be a long week. It's already BEEN a long week. We're meeting with a realtor again tonight, and then if all goes well, we're meeting with her tomorrow to put an offer on a place. Finding a place within our budget is turning into a challenge, especially when we consider raising a family. Sure, we're hoping to get a bigger place when we have kids, but by that time, we'll have equity and we'll have paid down the mortgage quite a bit. But if we can't move into a bigger home, we need to be prepared to raise at least one child.

I've gotten a good deal of writing done this week, which is a surprise to me considering how little free time I have. I plan on breaking the 11k mark by the end of the week, even with all of the work I have to do and the two evenings that are dedicated to house-hunting.

This is especially interesting to me because only last week I thought to myself, "Sometimes I wonder if I really am an adult. It seems like I'm just a kid playing house, and any moment now someone with real maturity will step up and start making the decisions for me again." Not that I want that to happen. It just seems like sometimes it will, no matter how much I want to be the adult.

Well, this week I definitely feel like the adult. I'm juggling several projects at once, cooking, making plans and long-term financial commitments, and the only thing to remind me that I'm not a member of an older generation is my video-game console.

Maybe some day I'll look back on this and think, "I didn't really grow up that much. Just enough to be the man I needed to be." Because that's what I want on that porch swing in my twilight years. The knowledge that I'm still a kid inside.

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  1. Just wait until you do have kiddos! I still am not sure I feel old enough or mature enough to be a mom...