Monday, March 14, 2011

News, Progress, and a request for Japan

So in less than one week I managed to put together more than 6000 words for my new novel. This is definitely a challenge for me, though, because I'm having to spend a lot of time world-building for the reader. My previous books didn't require as much work because of various phrases I could use to lay assumptions in the readers' minds that would let them fill in most of the blanks.

As a sci-fi novel, though, that takes place only 89 years in the future, there's a lot of background that must make it in to the narrative. I'm enjoying it, and so far I haven't info-dumped, I'm just worried that I'll create a slow-opening novel, a sure-fire way to kill my chance at publishing this book. I don't want to hit page 100 only to discover that nothing's really happened yet. Of course the story opened with a murder, but that's just a teaser for the drama that's to come. I'm still excited, and I get to work on this book for a little while before the day job drags me in.

I'm also excited because I'm going to take the time to send out another query today. I haven't sent one out in a week, but I think it's time to shoot another one into the atmosphere to see what kind of response I get.

Also, as you're well aware by now, Feed The Children is our charity of the month. They have a disaster relief fund set up specifically for Japan. Please tell your friends about it, and please donate to get relief to families who may not be able to get food in the aftermath of this tragic act of God. You can direct your donation to the relief fund here.

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  1. Hey Giles,
    I hear you on the sci-fi opening stress. I'm dealing with that now in my revisions. Such a fine line between world building and stuffing it in the reader's face.

    The Japan situation is so horrific. I went to Charity Navigator yesterday and found a good charity to donate to that was on the ground in Tokyo and making progress. A kids oriented one.
    Thanks for bringing it up, though. You have a good heart.