Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Update

So on Monday I expected to have at least on full day off this week to work on my edits. That's not going to happen. In fact, I won't get another day off until the 24th. This is good because I am two weeks away from putting down a large sum of money for a condo. It's bad because I don't have much time to write. Sure, I'm trying to get up early to work on my book, but it's still hard. I managed to crawl out of bed at 5:30 this morning, and I made some decent edits. I just want MORE time to edit.

And I can't really work on edits in the evening because by Friday (I hope), Emily and I will be packing up the apartment to move by the beginning of May.

So that's my update. I'll attempt to keep up my blogging and edits, and I will keep you all in the know for as long as you are interested :).

Also, please give to the Charity of the Month. It's Fisher House, and you can check out my April 1st post to learn more about them. Link is in the sidebar, and I truly support what these guys do for our wounded troops and their families.


  1. Your schedule is hectic. Sounds like mine. Here's to hoping we both find some quality writing/editing time soon.

  2. Hope everything goes well with the new home. I find that stuff a mix of exciting and horribly stressful. Good luck!