Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Guest Post from Danny Oertli

This is a guest post from my friend Danny Oertli. He's a musician from Colorado, and he's been working with Compassion International, my Charity of the Month, for fifteen years.

I can still hear the song in my head even though it’s been almost 30 years. Randy Stonehill and Phil Keaggy, singing Who Will Save the Children. I was in elementary school and away at summer camp. The lights were down in the camp chapel and a video of children living in poverty was being projected on a tiny screen. Phil and Randy were providing a soundtrack that reached deep into my soul. I knew I wanted to help, but wasn’t sure how.

Years later, my family moved to Colorado Springs. Each day, I drove by the Compassion International Office building and often remembered those images and that song. God was continuing to grow the seed He had planted in my heart.

In college, I went to a 4th of July concert by an artist named Bruce Carroll. Bruce spoke of his involvement with Compassion and challenged the audience to sponsor a child. I made my way back to the table, saw a packet with a picture of a little boy wearing a shirt that said feminine gymnastics. I figured any boy wearing a shirt like that, needed some help. So, I filled out the form and started sponsoring Andualem from Ethiopia.

Many years have passed. Andualem is no longer a skinny kid in a funny shirt. He’s a college graduate. Andualem not only provides for his children, but also for many of his family members who live near him. Most importantly, Andualem knows Jesus as his savior as a result of the guidance and teaching he received at his Compassion project.

It all began with a song. The song was the seed God planted in my heart so long ago at summer camp. That seed has grown, and for nearly 15 years, I’ve been an advocate for the ministry of Compassion International. At each of my concerts, I tell audiences of how Compassion not only provides food, clothing, and medical attention, but more importantly, Compassion exists to tell these kids about Jesus. This message of hope tells the precious childrwn they are worth something, that a King loves them and has plans for them, and that poverty cannot hold them down.

I’m honored to work alongside a ministry with the impeccable integrity of Compassion. My prayer is that you’ll sponsor a child and change their life, not just for today, but for all of eternity.


I'd like to thank Danny for taking the time to put this post together. And again, I ask that you consider donating to Compassion International or one of the other charities in the sidebar.

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