Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Internet issues

So I finally have real internet at my home, but Qwest messed up the install time. That means I now have to take care of a few errands on my way to work. I was supposed to work a half day and then come home for the install, but instead, I got a call yesterday that said they were going to be here first thing in the morning... ish. Anyway, I have time to get stuff done before I start my half-day, but only just.

I got a good deal of editing done while I waited for the Qwest guy to show up, and it looks like I'll actually get more hours than I otherwise would have, but I don't have time to put together a thought-inspiring post. But Friday I will get you a post with substance.

BTW, next week I will be talking about a new Charity of the Month, so please check out Compassion International and donate while it's still May :).

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