Friday, May 27, 2011

My dream agent

Earlier this week I read on Chiseled in Rock that there are a lot of mistakes writers make when they send out queries. I've made several of those mistakes, but I was so clueless about the process in the beginning that I was forced to do research before I could even start writing my query. That saved me from total embarrassment. I learned about the most common mistakes before I started writing my query. I ran into nearly a dozen agent blogs that laid out basic etiquette, what agents look for in a query, and especially how a writer should NOT pitch to an agent.

So when I read Jessica Faust's post on why a writer should never talk about their dream agent on their blog, I decided that I've followed the rules long enough.

My dream agent is *insert drum-roll here*...

Okay, so I'm not naming anyone. But I'm afraid of breaking the rules. It's because if I query an agent, I genuinely want to work with them. I'm searching for an agent who will be a business partner as I move forward with my career. If I have a "dream agent," I won't know about it until I actually start working with them. I want to meet agents, I want to talk with them, and I need to know that we'll get along as we work together.

More than that, though, my "dream agent" will be passionate about my book. Maybe not quite as passionate as I am (because I doubt anyone will ever match my enthusiasm about my work), but I want them to get excited when they read my work. I want them excited to pitch it to publishers, and I want them to remain excited when the book arrives on shelves for the first time.

So in short, I don't have anyone specific in mind, I just dream of working with an agent who work with me.

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  1. I feel the same way. My dream agent will be as enthusiastic about my work as I am. I can't say Amy one agent is the one I wanted.