Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Ah the joys of owning your own place. You don't have to keep the walls white, you can change the flooring whenever you like, and you don't have to worry about your rent going up every year. On the other hand, when things go wrong, you have to fix them.

My toilet's leaking into the crawlspace of my new home. Since I don't know much about home-repair, and since I'm going to be in New York next week, AND since I won't have much free time when I get back, I needed to call a plumber to come in and fix the toilet. He's going to be here soonish, but I have to get ready for work. That means I don't have time to work on writing this morning.

But I should have time to work on the query letter on my lunch break.

Oh, and I probably won't get a post up on Friday, Monday, or Wednesday because I can't guarantee that I'll have internet access. I'll definitely have a post up next Friday. See you then!


  1. Have a good time! Sorry about the leak

  2. One thing I would really recommend for those leaks that occur when you don't have to worry about a trip would be to purchase a comprehensive "DIY" book for homeowners. Lowes and Home Depot usually carry a bunch of them. I've used mine extensively to fix small problems that have cropped up in our house (saving us having to constantly call in our very unreliable landlord). Good luck with the leak (we just fixed our toilet with the same problem!), and hope you have a fantastic time in NY - warning, the East Coast has been HOT recently!

  3. My PLAN was to fix it myself, and I'm pretty sure I could. I just don't have the time, and I won't for at least a month. And by the time I bought all of the tools I needed for the job, it would cost about as much as the cost to hire a plumber.

    I'm prepared for heat, too :)

  4. Blogger is getting weird. It reposted my previous comment 9 times.

  5. Good luck with the water. I'm really liking my apartment right now after reading your post...but while your toilet leaks, every month I'm flushing a bunch of cash down that very same toilet I don't have to fix...