Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts

Like I said last night, work has been crazy the last few days. It's drained me so much that I nearly slept through my alarm this morning. I'm glad I have a job, and I'm looking forward to the work day. I'm just tired.

I didn't get any work done on my query this weekend due to emergency deliveries for work and total exhaustion. But I'm pleased with what I accomplished on Friday! I took a look at the query and thought, "This doesn't show anyone what the story is about. It shows them a few events that happen in the story, but that's about all." And that's a problem. Sort of. Okay not really because that's an easy fix. I started making those fixes Friday, and in a few minutes I'll continue.

It's the end of June, and that means we'll have a new charity soon. But with all of the flooding in Minot, ND, the tornado victims in Missouri, and wild-fire victims in New Mexico, I really want to ask you again to click on the link for Samaritan's Purse and give to their US Relief fund.

See you tomorrow!

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