Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random Update

You'd think this would get easier over time, but it turns out I'm only getting old. I have less energy now than at any time previously in my life. I have enough energy to work my day job and give my wife attention when I get home. And that last one isn't always consistent. Getting out of bed every morning is rough, but I'm going to try to get earlier again because I'm sick not making progress on my writing. It's annoying.

I'm ALMOST done with my query. I'm sure of it. I have one sentence that I'm unhappy with, and once that's taken care of I can send it out. While I'm querying – oh dang it: I just remembered I have to update my synopsis, too. Anyway, while I'm querying this book, I'm going to return to DEFENDER OF THE CROWN to get some more re-writes in. I want to polish that up still to see if I can get it into a publishable state.

That's about all I have for today. Please click on the link for the MC–LEF. A donation would be great! Have a wonderful Wednesday, I'll see you in two days :).

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  1. My writing productivity has slowed as well. I'm hoping to get some revisions done so I can send it out to betas.