Friday, October 07, 2011

Emotion Sells

A great story needs emotion.  That's what sells stories.  Yes, a great plot is important, but the best plot in the world will be extremely boring without the emotion that engages the reader.

So rather than going on and on with examples of stories with great emotion, I want to hear what YOUR favorite books are.  Specifically the ones that invoke strong emotions.  And don't be shy: feel free to tell me what the emotion is, why you like that one over another emotion that could be invoked by the same scene.

I'll start: I love the Harry Potter series, especially the scenes that draw tears to my eyes because of how evident it is that Harry has people in his life who love him, and the regret and loss he feels when he recognizes that many of those people are gone.

Now it's your turn :)


  1. I adore Harry Potter, but that's not really a surprise. :P And I agree, the overall theme of love is powerful in those books. I'm also a huge fan of the Song of the Lioness quartet by Tamora Pierce. Alanna is a fierce, independent young woman, and she has far more courage than I ever do. I loved reading the books and feeling really proud of her when she beat the odds yet again, and feeling the intense emotions she experienced when facing adversity.

  2. I enjoy reading Lauren Oliver and Nicholas Sparks, always cry with his novels.