Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Book Review: Supernaturally by Kiersten White

I've mentioned Kiersten White several times, and I even reviewed her first book, Paranormalcy.  I was excited to get Supernaturally, her second book, and I just wish I'd had MORE time to read it so I could've finished it sooner!

This book has everything that I liked about the first novel, and it improved on the few nit-picky things that I didn't like.  Ms. White is obviously growing as an author, and I'm REALLY excited for her next book and the series that she's going to release some time in 2013.

On to the story, though.  I'll avoid spoilers, but Evie has a new problem now that she's not working full time for IPCA.  For one, her locker (which she DESPERATELY longed for) is actually not as cool as she hoped it would be.  Her gym teacher hates her, her boyfriend is going to school in another town, and for some reason, she's getting chased by monsters.  Again.

The overall narrative in this book flows very smoothly.  And the characters are much easier to get attached to than they were in the previous book.  There's depth to these people that brings them to life.  Even the antagonists are likeable in their own way.  While many of the characters ARE supernatural beings who don't really exist, they still strike me as real people.

Ms. White doesn't spend a whole lot of time bogging down the story with detailed scenery descriptions.  There are some details here and there, but she lets the reader use their own imagination to fill in many of the blanks.  As a result, I enjoyed the setting as a vivid world that I could picture in my mind without having to adjust my inner perceptions to include irrelevant details that authors sometimes like to force into scenes.

While this book is the second in a trilogy, I believe it could stand on its own as a book.  There is some back-story that's important, but it gets filled in in ways that moves the story forward without dwelling on previous events.  It's a book that's not trying to ride the coattails of a previous volume.  It's a new story with a beginning, middle, and end.  There's no cliffhanger that makes you wish the author had tied up loose ends because they all get tied up satisfactorily.

All in all, this is a FANTASTIC book.  I recommend it.  Highly.

So highly, in fact, that I'm giving away a SIGNED COPY!  That's right, it's a contest!  I have ONE signed copy of SUPERNATURALLY that I will give away to one person who comments on this post.

Rules:  You must comment.  You must use a real name.  No anonymous posters will win this prize.  You must live in the United States (sorry, I can't do international shipping).  This isn't a must, but I'd love it if you followed this blog.  And maybe send out a tweet or two about the review.  Seriously, I want Kiersten White's third book to be so highly anticipated that it hits #1 on the NYT Bestsellers list!  So link to her website, link to reviews, and get people to comment in this post so someone will get a free copy.

The contest will be open until 7am EST, December 28th.  So to celebrate my anniversary (yes, you get to celebrate with me), I will put all of the entries into a random number generator and then announce the winner!  Update: Contest Closed!


  1. I love this series! And Kiersten is hilarious--love her tweets and blog. She certainly deserves to hit #1 :)

  2. Meradeth, I have to agree :D.

    A note: If you're NOT entering, just mention that :).

  3. By any chance are her books available on Kindle? I pretty well trust you when it comes to author recommendations.

  4. Sounds interesting, and I could use a free book! =)

  5. @ Knight's Eye - both of her books are on Kindle. I've been meaning to get Paranorlmacy since it's the first book in the series. I've heard great things about her books and having Giles give two thumbs up is an awesome endorsement.

  6. I'm in, Giles. The book sounds really good. And I'll go tweet the contest too.

  7. Ooh, definitely want a signed copy :D

  8. This book is amazing! I would love to have a signed copy :) thanks for the giveaway

    twitter name is Ya_BookWorm07

  9. I would really, really love to read Supernaturally!! :) Thank you so much for the chance to win it.

    GFC: VanillaOrchids

  10. This is one I haven't read and it does sound like a good one.

  11. Leah R10:16 AM

    I read the parasol protectorate at your recommendation and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I would love to read this series as well!