Monday, November 14, 2011

Child's Play

I really want today to be about giving.  In the U.S., November is the month where we celebrate Thanksgiving.  Yes, it's a holiday that celebrates the memory of our ancestors arriving here and surviving their first winter, but to me it's more than that.  It's a day where I can step back and really look at all of the blessings I've received.  Many kids won't be able to spend this holiday with their families, or at the very least at home.  Our charity this month can be really helpful this time of year for kids who might otherwise get depressed, lonely, or just plain bored in their hospital rooms.

Please check out these videos to see some behind-the-scenes of the Child's Play annual fundraiser.  Listen to some of the stories about how this charity has touched the lives of so many people.  And please give what you can, even if it's only five bucks.

And have a great week!


  1. Thanks Giles for the reminder. Life gets so crazy. It's good to have a time to make ourselves look around and appreciate EVERYTHING.

  2. Thanksgiving is sort of two words in one: A time to give thanks and to be thankful through giving. This is a good reminder to us to look upon what we have and also look upon how we can help others.

  3. Angela, that's such a great way to look at it! I hadn't really thought of thanksgiving that way on a conscious level. At least I haven't in quite a long time. Thanks for the reminder :D