Friday, November 04, 2011


In many areas of our lives, we live in denial.  We try to convince ourselves that the ways we're going about our lives, our careers, hobbies, friendships, etc. are just fine.  My denial came in the form of my book.  It's not bad, as I've been assured by several people, but it could be better.  It's missing a few key components that would turn it from a solid piece of writing to a publishable novel.  Is denial of this form dangerous?  Well that depends on how I react when I discover that I am in denial.

Personally, I opened myself up to criticism, critiques, and advice.  And I allowed myself to listen to the opinions of the folks who looked over my writing.  What they told me makes sense.  Now that I know what they're looking at in my book, I can see that they're absolutely right, and I need to make changes.  I'm no longer in denial.  It's not always that easy to get over that mindset, and it took me several years to grow a thick enough skin to step away from my writing and allow myself to see where problems lie in my books.

Are you in denial in regards to your book?  As you participate in NaNoWriMo, are you letting yourself view your writing with enough distance to let other people tell you what needs to be fixed?


  1. I'm using an editor and I'm open to the changes that may need to be done. It's not always an easy thing to accept, but sometimes change is good.

  2. I'm totally in denial. Continually. It's a serious issue.