Wednesday, December 28, 2011

And the Winner Is!

So in honor of my fourth wedding anniversary (yes, I've been married for four years!), I am going to give away a book!  I know I said that I was going to wait until I had 15 entrants, but it's giveaway day, and there are 10 people entered.  I think I'll do all of you the courtesy of announcing the winner today, rather than making you wait.

I have entered everyone's names into a random number generator, and by that I mean I numbered each and every one of you and rolled a 10-sided die, and our winner is... (drum-roll please) Meradeth!

Congratulations.  Shoot me an email so I can get your address to send you the book post-haste...via post.  :D

Oh, yes, and happy anniversary to my wife.


  1. Happy Anniversary, Giles and Congrats to Meradeth. :-)

  2. Woot! Thanks so much! Happy Anniversary to you and your wife, too. It's a good day to have been married on :) (I'm celebrating 9 years with my husband today, too!)

  3. Emily Hash8:01 PM

    Happy Anniversary to you too sweetheart!
    And to you as well Meradeth!

  4. Hope it was a great anniversary! Congrats! Hope you have a fantastic New Years, too.