Friday, January 27, 2012

Born to be a Mythbuster

I love explosions.  Let me be clear, though, I enjoy them under SAFE, CONTROLLED, and LEGAL conditions.  But I love the boom.  I love the shock-wave.  And I love the heat.

I want to get a pyrotechnics's license so I can go to a safe location and just blow stuff up.  My favorite episodes of Mythbusters are the ones where they create explosions.  Blowing up cement trucks, water boilers, pants, cars, safes, etc., sounds like one of the most fun jobs anyone could have.

I like fireworks, too.  It's the closest I get to pyrotechnics.  I never buy fireworks or firecrackers, but I make my way to the field every year to watch the Fourth of July show.  It's fun.  It's exciting.

And if I ever get the funds, I will go learn how to do it myself.  All within the bounds of U.S. law.  Because safety is important.


  1. Maybe you could be be an intern on Mythbusters or something!

    Oh, maybe you'd like this guy--all his artwork is explosions.

  2. Men and boys always love to watch things blow up. I think it's gender related. lol

  3. Emily Hash4:51 PM

    Way to cover your butt there dear. ;)

  4. I think I have to agree, it's got to be gender related :) Still, I've always wanted to figure out where the bomb-range place is that the mythbusters are always going. It's got to be someplace close to where I live. It would make for a fun excursion!