Monday, January 23, 2012


You know, with the playoffs over, and the Superbowl around the corner, I have to admit: I like football.  But not enough to really care.  I grew up and live in Denver, so I'm a Broncos fan, but only when they're winning.  I don't really care when they're losing throughout the season, even if I take the time to watch the game.  I just can't get enthusiastic.

But when they're winning!  Oh, yes, when the Broncos are at their peak!  I can muster enough enthusiasm to... well... let's just say I'd still rather play video games or read a book.

If my team's not in the playoffs, I just don't care that much.  I understand why so many people do care, and sometimes I can get really excited about a game, but most of the time I couldn't care less (and, yes, that IS the proper phrase).

I love Superbowl parties, and I love it when the Broncos make it to the Superbowl (something that hasn't happened in a long time).  Until they start playing better, though, I'll just check in on their progress from time to time, and then turn back to Star Trek TNG on Netflix.


  1. I'm a lot like that, too. Football is not a priority in my house, but don't tell my brothers that.

  2. Anonymous7:46 AM

    I love football but usually keep up on things by catching scores and highlights. Just too busy to sit down for three hours and watch TV.

  3. Don't tell anyone in my town, but when the Broncos beat the Steelers it made me pretty darn happy. Football is basically a religion out here, and I didn't mind seeing everyone brought down a small notch.

    But yeah, this year's superbowl party will be all about not watching the game and instead hanging out with friends.

  4. Since I don't have a fave team and my brother's-a Broncos loyalist to his heart- team is out, well, I'll just be checking to see if the half-time show is a dud or if Madonna can still bring it. It is Madonna this year, right?