Friday, February 24, 2012

Unusual Schedule

So my schedule at work didn't look the way I expected it to.  As a result, I didn't bother taking my computer in to work today.

It turns out that my brother had to come in to the shop for some reason, and since I hadn't seen him since his wedding, I decided to invite him out for a beer.  We sat around talking for a couple of hours, really eating into my "free" time for the day.  As a result, you get a crummy blog post about how I spent time with my brother, and I get to write through the haze of a beer for thirty minutes before I have to start making supper.

But none of that is a bad thing.  I get to write, you don't have to read a long post about how nothing happened today, and my wife gets food when she gets home.

Have a great weekend!  :D


  1. Glad your wife will be properly fed. Lol

    Have a good weekend, too!

  2. I'm with Miranda on this. And time with your brother sounds like it was time well spent, even if we get a beer-haze-blog post, which turned out short and to the point...and not so boring after all :-)

  3. Emily H.7:29 PM

    Thank you for feeding me! :)