Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Excited for Rewrites

I got awesome notes on the first three chapters of my book!  I'd like to thank Aaron M. Ritchey for taking the time to help me out.  He has a book coming out at the end of the month, so go familiarize yourself with his work!

I also want to thank Hanna C. Howard for her notes.  She has a great eye for quality writing, and all of you should go say hi.  If you're new to my blog, I've talked about her a few times while I was beta-reading her book.  She's going to be big someday.  At least, I think she SHOULD be.  Her writing is awesome!

I'm excited to make these rewrites!  They're going to be pretty easy to do, I think, and I can really see how they'll improve the story.  The great part about this round is that there's not much that I need to do, and I don't have to sift through the ENTIRE manuscript for more revisions.

I know a book is only finished when it's printed and in stores, and I'm prepared to do more work if/when an agent/editor tells me to.  But I'm taking the time, now, to make this the best book it can be!  That's important.  And that's something every pre-published author should strive for.  Continue revising, if you can, while you query.  Especially if you've gotten nothing but rejection after rejection.  It's never fun to think that something might be wrong with your book, but sometimes there IS something wrong with it.  That's not bad, it's just something that needs to be worked on.

And that's why I'm working on my rewrites.  And why I'm excited!


  1. Hi Giles,
    It's great that you're so enthusiastic about your rewrites. But don't get stuck in a pattern of endless rewrites. Make sure you start your next book at some point! Good luck!

    1. Oh, absolutely! I'm going to bust out these revisions and jump right back into my other projects :). This book is "almost there" (at least that's what Aaron says), which gives me a better chance at moving forward. Without taking the time to make these rewrites, I wouldn't have learned as much as I have. That's why I'm excited: I'm growing as a writer!

  2. So glad your novel is coming along well. I know the rewrites will help it along in the right direction, especially when your positive attitude plays into the process.

  3. I love the postitive perspective you have regarding your rewrites. It's important for us as writers to appreciate our chances to improve and grow in our craft. The more we learn, the better the next WiP can and will be.

  4. Aaron has helped me with a few manuscripts. His feedback is always interesting--and intense! He's a great writer, and a great writer friend.

    Glad your rewrites are going well and good luck with your "finished" novel.

  5. I like the revising part best, although it's way too easy to keep tweaking the manuscript instead of querying and submitting.

  6. You go, Giles! Devlin, interesting and intense. Great writer. I blush. It's all lies, lies, I tell you.