Monday, March 19, 2012

Feeling Hot!

I have an idea!  And I'm not talking about that romance I hinted at a few weeks ago.  Yes, I was excited to start that book, but I started thinking about the direction I want my career to go.  I have NOTHING against romances, especially after this AWESOME book that I just read (and I know I promised a review last Friday.  Sorry, life got in the way.  And I don't have time to write it today.  I will MAKE time to write it today and tomorrow).

But remember that first book I finished?  The very first book I tried to query?  Yeah, I found a way to turn those characters into and INTERESTING book.  One that makes me more excited than I was about the romance.  Seriously, I'm bouncing in my chair (almost).  And while I can't really "salvage" any of the scenes from the previous manuscript, I think this will be an easy book to write.  By easy, I mean I will be able to put together a real plot, the scenes will be enjoyable, and while it may take time and concentration, the story will move forward in a manner that won't make me feel like I'm banging my head against the wall.

I still have a few side-projects to finish, but as soon as I'm done with that, I'm writing a book that makes me feel like I'm on fire!


  1. Wow. Now that sounds awesome. It's great to see that you've got that blaze going for this book that you want to re-write, salvage, transform into something wonderful. Wishing you the best with it.

  2. Emily Hash12:01 PM

    Hurray! I'm excited to hear you so excited about your book! :)