Monday, April 09, 2012

Working out

I've never had to work out.  For any reason.  Don't hate me, I was skinny.  I looked extremely unhealthy, despite the fact that I ate like a horse.  But now how I eat is something I have to take into consideration.  And I have to make an effort to exercise.

I'm not gaining weight unhealthily, but I am gaining weight.  It's important to me that I remain healthy.  And now that I spend more time sitting in front of my computer than I used to (both because I'm taking time to work on my writing and because I my hours at work are still lower than I used to get), I need to make sure I take care of myself so that I DON'T get unhealthy.And call me shallow, but I want to look as hunky as possible for my lovely wife!  (And when you read this, dearest wife of mine, I know you think I'm hunky now, but I want to stay that way.)

My wife and I went for a long walk yesterday.  It was exhausting, but it felt great!  We haven't walked that much since New York last year.  And it made the meal at the end of the walk taste SO much better.  I've been doing small exercises around the house and during down-time at the Day Job.

I love that I have more energy when I exercise.  And I enjoy the clarity to comes my brain-space when I eat well.  I'm learning how to eat better.  Less Doritos and ice cream, more healthy dairies, meats, veggies, fruits, and liquids.  Occasionally I'll indulge in some junk food (I still love beer), but I'm going out of my way to make better decisions with what I eat.  I'll probably never cut coffee out of my diet, but I don't drink soda more than once every other month.  There are many little things like that that I'm trying to do each and every day.  And even thought it's not as consistent as I'd like, a healthy lifestyle is getting built.  I want to keep my health as long as I can.

How do you stay healthy?


  1. The Wife12:59 PM

    I stay healthy by receiving encouragement from my hunky husband and other family members. ;)

  2. Working out is awesome. My husband and I go to the gym twice a week and lift weights. The other days we try to get in some cardio, but I usually end up walking our wonderful dog.

    It's amazing how it can clear your mind. I've even had epiphanies for my WIP while out walking or running.

    We also mountain bike together. SO. MUCH. FUN. Hard, but worth it at the end when you know you burned over 500 calories in about an hour.