Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Official-Unofficial Contest Announcement

Start preparing because I am going to run a contest!  Why the pre-announcement?  Because I'm looking for short stories!

Here are the unofficial-official rules:

1. Entries must be no MORE than 350 words.

2. Entries must come from the United States only.  Sorry, but I'm going to be mailing a real prize (no money, just a doodad of some sort that I haven't picked out yet), and international rates are outside of my budget right now.

3. Entries must be e-mailed to me (e-mail address to be announced with the official-official contest announcement).  The entry must be EMBEDDED IN THE BODY OF THE E-MAIL.  Attachments will be deleted.

4. Entries that appear elsewhere are ineligible.  HOWEVER, as soon as the winner is announced, feel free to do whatever you like with your story.  Unless...

5. The Winner will have their story featured on this blog, both in the post-of-the-day and alongside other short stories that will be posted in my to-be-created short story page.  The Winner (and all other entrants) acknowledges that I do NOT own the property, but all entrants acknowledge that the Winner (and only the Winner) is giving me full permission to post their story on this blog for no LESS than 30 days (it'll remain up AT LEAST that long, but will ONLY be pulled down at the Winner's request.  Unless the blog shutters, gets lost, or an unforeseeable event forces me to remove it).  The winner also agrees to refrain from publishing the story on their own sight until the next post is published on this blog.  (Example: if the winning entry is published on Friday, the Winner will wait until Monday to put the story up on their own site.  If it's Monday, it can go up elsewhere Wednesday, and if Wednesday, then it can get published on Friday.)

6. There will be a limit of entrants TBD.

If I think of more rules (and I'm not going to try to), I'll add them to the official-official rules when I make the official-official announcement.


You are writing a Sensory Deprivation story.  THIS is why I'm giving you advanced notice.  Write a short story from the perspective of someone who cannot see or hear.  It can be any length (as long as it does not exceed 350...ish... I'm not a HUGE stickler, but if it goes TOO far beyond that, I'll disqualify you).  Beyond that, do whatever you like!  If your character could see at some point in the past, or hear at some point in the past, then that's fine but WHEN THE STORY IS HAPPENING, the character MUST be blind and deaf.  And NO FLASHBACKS.

This is a writing exercise in which I will participate (the first blog after the official-official announcement).

So get writing!  I'm judging this by myself, and I need to GET a prize, and I need to write the short story to kick off the contest, but as soon as that happens, I want to see your entries!


  1. How far is "too far?" (She says while at 682 words...)


    1. Yeah, that's too far. I'm thinking within ten or fifteen words. MAYBE 20.

  2. OK. Trimmed to 370. :) Mwahahahahaha!

    (BTW, thank you for posting this. I haven't written a complete short story in about 15 years.)