Monday, May 21, 2012

Tacos with Ketchup

I'm not sophisticated.  I like some things that sophisticates enjoy, but for the most part, I'm a simple man with simple tastes.  But if there was ever ANY time in our marriage where my wife was purely, blatantly, and even absurdly WRONG, it was when she told me that tacos require ketchup!

When we first got married, we didn't know you could buy taco seasoning (yeah, yeah, laugh it up), so we browned hamburger, grated cheese, and threw it on a tortilla.  I love salsa.  So I toss salsa on my taco and call it good!  But my The Wife insisted that ketchup is required to give the taco flavor!

Am I crazy?  Does that sound weird?  Don't get me wrong: I LOVE my wife!  But seriously?  Salsa has flavor!  It has spice!  It has ZING!!!

Ketchup is bland.  Sure, there's a hing of tanginess to it, but other than that, it has no panache, no pop.  And when offered salsa, she turned up her nose, grabbed the bottle of ketchup, and "pthbp!" Squeezed a healthy dose of red goo all over her shredded cheese, browned hamburger, and microwaved tortilla.

We've grown a lot over the years.  Now we season our meat.  We vary the style of cheese, and we don't buy ketchup.  I mean, really.  Who needs it?

And don't let her find out that I told you this, but I think I even saw her put salsa on her taco once!


  1. Because you gave us permission, I'm going to laugh it up. But that is too cute. Young, in love, freshly married and having ketchup with tacos.

    I'm with you Giles, salsa is best with tacos. And no person will tell your wife...just can't speak for the interwebz as a whole :-)

  2. The Wife12:38 PM

    *ahem* When we were first married, my dear, our tacos did require a healthy amount of ketchup! They were very dry and flavorless. So, why not salsa instead? What you failed to mention to your readers is that I am a WUSS. I dislike anything with heat or a slight amount of spiciness to it. I tend to squirm, cry, and beg for glasses of milk when something remotely spicy enters my taste buds’ domain. And as for the last comment, I can definitively say, “Nuh-uh!” That was a quesadilla and they are an entirely different subject all together.


    1. My DEAREST wife, ketchup NEVER belongs on a taco. It's why we buy mild salsa.

      As for the so-called quesadilla, my memory isn't perfect, so I'll concede that point.