Friday, June 22, 2012

Thoughts on Self Publishing

There have always been projects that I want to put out into the world through traditional publication.  But this sci-fi short that will be premiering two weeks from today (that's right, the first installment of the story will be up in 14 days!) almost turned into a novella.  I have a few pages toward the end that I need to do some small edits on (which is fine because the edits won't affect the first few installments), and that may push it over the edge into novella territory (based on word count).

Now, I'm going to limit the size of each post to approximately 500-1000 words per installment because I know huge chunks of text are annoying to read on a computer screen.  But once the entire story is published on the blog, I'm considering putting it out on Amazon as an e-book.

This is a fresh thought in my mind, and depending on where the story, universe, and characters go, I might consider the traditional rout, but I'm having fun with these stories, and I'd love to be able to give you (my WONDERFUL companions) the opportunity to take this story to the beach, DMV, coffee shop, etc..  And I think I might want to put together some companion pieces for the published product.

What do all of you think?  My Critique Group is very disappointed that I'm not turning this story into a full-length novel, and they don't quite understand why I'm writing it.  I know that once I put this story up on this site it makes it a "previously published" story, and that takes away incentive for many agents and editors to even consider it.  But I'm writing this for YOU!  So is there interest in an e-book, complete with a real cover, a few companion pieces (much like Cabbages and Kings... a book you MUST read)?

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  1. Here are my two cents:

    I would honestly prefer some teaser bits here and there on the blog and then get a chance to purchase your e-book to read the whole thing in fell swoop.

    Why? Providing us with short teaser bits will add to my interest as a reader (not even going at this from a writing standpoint so I hope that's okay). Do the e-book publish thing and yes, companion novellas would be AWESOME and add to your list of publications as well (that came from the writer side).