Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Guest Post: Angela Brown on Motivation

Today I'd like to welcome Angela Brown to High Aspirations.  She's been kind enough to fill in for me this Wednesday, and she's going to discuss why she writes!  So thank you, Angela, for celebrating your Independence Day with us.  And to my delightful readers, feel free to say "Hi" in the comments :).  And Happy Independence Day!


Every job is NOT for every person. Picture this job description:

Must be willing to dedicate all manner of ungodly hours towards writing stories, alpha
and beta critiquing that make each story bleed red ink until repeat revisions and edits
make it pristine, online and in-your-face networking, idea generating at the drop of a
hat, handle multiple rejections before getting the story to the readers then handle the
roller coaster of positive-lukewarm-and-down-right-could-you-hate-me-more reviews
by complete strangers with no concept of the sacrifices made to get the story to them.


Sound appealing?

Maybe so. But that job description above? That's what I'm really aiming for.

Serious. That's what I want to do most. It's the job description for - wait for it...


Reading captured my interest at an early age. I was a Judy Blume kid. Then Tolkien
stole my heart. Escaping into other worlds, running off on some whirlwind adventure,
those were things that soothed me, excited me. I did some writing and journaling
from elementary on up through high school, but got caught up in a lot of life as I got
older. I returned to writing with semi-seriousness around 2006. Even attended my
first Agents and Editors Writers Conference in Austin, TX that year. The last few
years I've gotten ultra serious about it.

It's been difficult, sometimes discouraging. But when I cut off my delusions
of grandeur, trimmed away the idea of an easy road to publication and asked
myself, "Why the dickens do I do this?", my characters answered for me. They
reminded me of the joy I experienced as a reader. Times I cuddled up with a good
book and refused to go to sleep until I devoured the last word. Then they reminded
me that they have stories to share. Some reader out there might find their tale
enjoyable, delightful, maybe even heart-breaking. But the reader won't get to find out
if I don't write it.

So I write. I write because my passion for storytelling won't let me do
otherwise. Working to make writing my livelihood is a HUGE motivator, especially
with wanting to upgrade from "full time employed single mom with a dream"
to "single mom and published author". But it's my passion that sustains me.

I write YA fantasy/sci-fi. My current WiP is a byproduct of April's A to Z blogging
challenge, an upper YA paranormal romance titled NEVERLOVE. Currently, I'm in
the "Must be willing to dedicate all manner of ungodly hours towards writing stories"
section of the job description.

And I'm okay with it.


  1. And it's not for the faint of heart!
    Looking forward to reading all of Neverlove, Angela.

    1. Thanks, Alex. NEVERLOVE is taking shape :-)

  2. Yikes~ that description is definitely not fun. But the pursuit of my passion has brought me more pleasure and pride, despite rejections, than I can say. I'm so glad I started on this journey, and whether it ends in publication or not, I can honestly say that I believe the countless hours have been a worthy use of my time :)

    1. Jess, I couldn't agree with you more!!! Well said :-)

  3. Wow, I never looked at the job description that way before. But that's it, all right. Sounds hard. Sounds fun. And such an adventure! Makes me want to pull something out right now and start writing:)

    1. When I look at that job description, I get the feeling the gauntlet's being thrown down for a challenge and off I go, ready to take up a writing piece and go hard!

  4. Joy is where our passion is. It doesn't matter if it's digging ditches, waiting tables, or writing to the wee hours of the morning. When it's something we love, it ceases to be work.

    Happy Fourth, Angela! Nice to meet you, Giles.

    1. Being able to have a joy and a passion for what you do really does make it worthwhile, no matter what it is. Well said, Maria :-)

  5. The thing I admire most about writers is their passion. :)

    I was a puppy long stocking kid growing up. I loved those books...oh, and Ramona the Brave!


    1. It takes a whole lot of passion to continue on a path like the one we writers face :-)

  6. Hey, everyone! Welcome. I'm sorry I couldn't talk with all of you. But I'll be able to check in now and then and talk with you over the next few days. :)