Monday, July 16, 2012


My wife is AWESOME.  You see, on our way home from San Diego we stopped at Vegas for the night.  The minute we got into the hotel room, my glasses broke.  First off, my wife braved the unfamiliar city of Las Vegas to help me get tape to keep the earpiece on well enough to see while we walked down the strip.

Unfortunately, the glasses didn't sit straight on my face.  That meant I couldn't see well.  Which made it dangerous to drive.  So my awesomely stupendous wife drove the ENTIRE way from Vegas to my home in Denver in ONE DAY.  Thirteen hours behind the wheel while I can't see straight, and my glasses are making my eyes water.

I heard stories of women in the pioneer days surviving great odds that destroyed big, strong men.  They made it through long journeys with the stamina and willpower it takes to give birth while their husbands wussed out under a fallen log, or something.

Long story short, my wife is awesome, and everyone should know it!  Give her a HUGE round of applause because I wouldn't have made it home without her!  :D


  1. That is awesome! I'm clapping for her.

  2. Definite round of applause for her! Ugh 13 hours of driving = no fun!

  3. The Wife9:52 PM

    Thank you sweetheart! I love you too. :)