Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I know bacon is kind of a big deal on the internet, and it has been for quite some time.  I know talking about it is as cliche as a cowboy with a shiny belt-buckle.  But I LOVE bacon!

The other day, I even had a bacon maple beer from Rogue Brewing out in Oregon.  And I kinda liked it.  It was tasty, and unique, and if you like interesting flavors and new experiences, I recommend trying it.  But try it with a friend.  Or three.  I couldn't drink more than a quarter of a bottle (it was a 22oz.).  It was flavorfully rich, and not at all what I'm used to from beer.  I don't know that I'll drink it again, either.  But it still satisfied my desire for bacon!  Even made me want pancakes.

What do you love that other people are obsessed with?  And what do you love that other people seem to hate?


  1. I tried chocolate with bacon not too long along - and loved it!!!


    1. Oh yeah, that stuff is AWESOME!! :D