Saturday, August 25, 2012


I've had some very good discussions with other writers in the last few weeks.  One of the conclusions I reached is that, even when life gets in the way, it's important to get up and write again.  This is something I struggled with over the last year, and even though I consistently got work done, it wasn't on a daily basis.

The reason I couldn't get a blog post up yesterday is because my work day got really busy!  I planned on putting a post together when I got home, but completely spaced it between making dinner, trying to relax, and finally passing out at 9:45pm.  But I believe in consistency!  Today is going to be a chill day.  After a tour of a local brewery, I'm going to get some work done on my outline.  I have to do some small rewrites because the story wasn't going the direction I wanted it to, but that's why I outline first :).

And then tomorrow I'm going to start looking into getting that writing contest going.  In fact, I'm going to say definitively that the Official-Official announcement will be up on Friday, August 31.  There will be deadlines, of course, and at least one prize, even though I'm considering a grande prize and two "first" prizes.  (BTW, if any of you have ideas as to what a great prize would be, feel free to let me know and I'll consider it.  I have some ideas, but I'd love to hear what you'd like to win.  A critique? A POP figurines like Batman or Iron Man? Kid-robot toys?  Kindle/iBooks gift-cards?)

Anyway, for the sake of consistency, I'm going to get some work done at the Day Job now, and then I'm going to go home and get some outlining done.


  1. I know what you mean about life getting in the way. A friend and I get together once a week to write and let our kids play. It was just a matter of forcing each other to carve out that bit of time. So, even if I don't find time to write the rest of the week, I write on Tuesdays.

    Yay, a contest. Fun! :)

  2. I REALLY struggle to be consistent. I tend to blog really well for a while and then get too busy with other stuff. And I tend to write really well and consistently for a few months and then get too busy with other stuff. I totally need to get better at that!

    Your consistency will pay off in the long run. :)

  3. You're very ambitious to run a contest, Giles. As for me, time is always getting away from me. I've accepted that fact, which is why I have to set aside whole blocks of time so I can binge write.

  4. I think Kindle gift cards would be awesome! Or maybe having a few options people can choose from (in case someone has a Nook instead of a Kindle).