Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Crazy, Crazy.

Life got REALLY crazy over the last two weeks.  I finally got my new glasses, but my eyes are having trouble adjusting.  Apparently there's this new technology called "digital lenses."  I have NO idea what that means, but I DO know that I've been getting eye strain.  So I'm working on that.

The Day Job took up almost ALL of my energy last week, and this week when I haven't been dealing with the Day Job and my glasses, I've been focusing on my new WiP.  As a result, this is about all I have for you today.  But Part 6 of The Senator's Daughter will be up on Friday!

See you then.


  1. Hope things settle down for you soon. Especially with the glasses. Eye strain is no fun.

  2. Hope this next week will be better for you. I have to go to the eye doctor this weekend, too. Ugh.