Monday, January 28, 2013

The Importance of Word Count part 2

This will be a brief post, but I hope it will lead to some lengthier discussion.  I simply have a couple of questions.

1. As a reader picking up a book from an author you've never heard of, how likely are you to pick up a book the size of a phone book?  And I'm not saying from the library.  How willing are you to purchase an epic tome if you know nothing of the author and they don't have any previous titles under their name?

2. What length would you find "acceptable" for you to consider purchasing a book, regardless of reviews, recommendations from friends, or even a personal relationship with the author?


  1. There are too many books I'd like to read, that I wouldn't put too much time into any one book. My limit would probably be 100,000 words.

    1. That's a fair number and pretty close to my limit. I'd increase that a bit for sci-fi and fantasy simply because they're filled with necessary world-building. But I would still hesitate, and the book would HAVE to grab me in the store while I do the "test read."