Monday, April 01, 2013

An Announcement

The Charity of the Month post WILL be up later today, so check back soon.

Today, I want to make a big announcement about a decision that's been a long time in the works. Believe me, I did not come to this conclusion lightly. I've spent many months considering my options, looking for answers, and consulting my loving, patient wife who has vowed to support me, whatever I do.

As a kid, I picked up two hobbies at once: writing and music. Both of them were a passion for me, and I genuinely wanted to spend my life working to become a rockstar, and then writing books on the tour bus after a show. Many years ago, I gave up the guitar because I realized that only one passion could drive my career if I ever wanted to make something of myself. I still love music, and sometimes I wish I could pick up a guitar and pluck out a few songs. But I digress.

As many of you know, I started homebrewing last year. I've come to enjoy the process so much that I want to pursue a full time career as a brewmaster at a local brewery and pub. Like I said earlier, I didn't come to this decision lightly. What about my book? What about my day job? And what about education?

All of those are simple. The book will rest on my computer until I have some free time again. My day job will remain my focus while I learn the ins and outs of professional brewing, and when I've developed contacts in the brewing industry, I'll volunteer my time cleaning out equipment, learning the brewing processes, and eventually working my way up to a master brewer.

I'm going to miss the time I spend creating worlds and writing down all of the fun things my imaginary friends say and do. But one can't resist the urge to move into a new passion. I do hope to stay in touch with all of my creative friends, and I'm even available to help critique now and then. But my new life will revolve around water, hops, malt, and yeast.

And I figured the best time to tell all of you would be on this beautiful morning of April 1.


  1. If this were not April 1, I would be upset that you hadn't even mentioned it to me. But, alas, I know you & love you, so I'll continue to look forward to your first publication!

    mmmm-WAH! :-*

  2. You got me.

    Ever so briefly.

    You got me.