Friday, June 21, 2013

That Fine Line?

I'm a perfectionist. But I'm also easily excited and can get over-eager when it comes to my writing. I want every book that I write to be absolutely perfect. But I want people to read it NOW!

In all honesty, I'm not sure where I am with this manuscript. I know I'm close to finished, and I know I have to do line-by-line edits. But I have this nagging feeling that there are a few minor tweaks that need to take place to the story to enhance the overall development of the book. At the moment, I'm just not sure where to start.

My beta readers helped out a lot. Following up with their notes will definitely improve the book. But I'm almost done making changes based on their comments.

It's difficult, sometimes, to walk that fine line between working a project to death and making it the best it can be before biting the bullet and sending it out. I want hundreds of people to read through it to confirm my suspicion that it's ready to go. But if I had hundreds of people eager to read this book, that would be confirmation enough that I should send it out to agents.

I know today I'm being ridiculous. Sometimes I lose site of the big picture. And I'm also stoked about this book. As I've said before, it is by far the best thing I've ever written. I want it to be great. Awesome. Fantastic. And marketable.

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  1. Good luck with deciding when you're finished with a manuscript, Giles. I've never gotten it right. I even have one manuscript that is overrevised so I'm going back to an earlier version to tweak and then submit.