Monday, July 22, 2013

Book Review: Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

I know, it's pretty sad that it's taken me 28 years to read this book, but to be fair, I didn't learn to read until I was 5ish, and from there I never took the opportunity to read it. In part because EVERYONE told me I just HAD to. And that makes me hesitant.

But my wife read it and loved it. Most of the time, I tend to like the books she reads. So on her recommendation, I picked this one up.

I gotta say, I loved it! The plot is great, the action intense, the descriptions vivid: pretty much everything I would love to see in a book.

Most of all, I was surprised by how old it was. Everything I was reading gave me the impression that Card wrote this sometime in the mid -80s. The ideas behind personal computers, interactive VR, computer games just told me "this guy had a solid grasp on the direction technology was headed." But it was written in 1977! When Pong was the most "advanced" home computer ever imagined! The school's "desks" are basically iPads.

There were a few areas in the narrative where I wish he'd been more clear, and occasionally, he took too much time explaining stuff that I already understood. On the other hand, though, this wasn't abnormal for Sci-Fi. For that matter, it's STILL hard to find Sci-Fi—or Fantasy, for that matter—that doesn't have its fair share of setting description or backstory that may not have as much to do with the story as the reader might hope.

As far as I'm concerned, this book is great. A must-read for anyone interested in Sci-Fi. And I recommend reading it before the movie comes out this fall.

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