Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Book Review: Across the Universe by Beth Revis

When I decided to try my hand at writing science fiction, I knew I needed to brush up on the genre, read the more contemporary authors, and see what the industry was publishing.

With Across the Universe, I found a new author to look for! I really think Ms. Revis put together a trilogy that's worth every second spent reading these books.

The story takes place on a colonizing ship on its way to a new planet. It's narrated both from the perspective of one of the prospective colonists and from one of the boys born on board during the 250+ year journey. Our first protagonist is woken from cryo-sleep years ahead of schedule and must help the second protagonist solve a series of murders being committed by a psycho on board the enormous colony ship.

The picture painted by Ms. Revis is clear and vivid, with echoes of Earth resonating through the alien landscape of the ship. The narrative is engaging, and I found myself wanting more and more of the story the longer I listened (I got a hold of the audio book for this novel but am currently reading the hardback of book 2). On a side note, the audio book is narrated by two separate people, and it's done very well.

The science fiction universe is very believable to me, and I found myself considering how I would act and react to situations on board the ship if I was a colonist woken up to find society completely changed from the world I left behind. Every bit of this book drew me in and kept me wanting to experience more. Not just by reading, but I found myself excited to play sci-fi video games, read more sci-fi books, check out new sci-fi shows and movies, and even write a new book!

My only complaint is that it's written in present tense. This is a personal preference, but I think I would have engaged with the story more if Ms. Revis wrote it in past tense. That's simply because that's the majority of what I've been exposed to, and as I result, I can "ignore" the fact that I'm reading when it's a familiar format. I get truly lost in the narrative that way. But that's me, and it doesn't diminish the fact that you should go out and buy it RIGHT NOW!

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