Friday, December 06, 2013

Crazy Times? Crazy, CRAZY Times!

This is one of the busiest weeks I've seen in a long time. At least at my day job. It's even busier than the Katy Perry week!

Which means my brain is trying very hard to stay awake. Not a great way to start writing a book. I'm not done with the outline, yet, but that's because I felt myself getting lost with the story. I felt zero attachment to the characters and story, even though I am VERY excited about the idea.

That meant I needed to try something different. And just write. It's crazy. CRAZY, I tell you. Because it's kinda working.

I'm a big fan of finding a system that works and sticking with it. But if the system stops working, it's always JUST as important to find something that DOES work. It feels weird for me to be writing without a complete outline. But the weirder part is that I don't care. The OCD part of my brain is, CRAZily enough, more concerned with writing something than following my pattern.

There's supposed to be a point to all of this, but I think it got lost somewhere. Like I said, it's been a crazy week, and I'm surprised I managed to find my way to the blog today.

However, the weekend approaches! I have to work, but for those of you don't: ENJOY IT! For those of you that do: ENJOY IT ANYWAY! Sunday is my Birthday, and to celebrate, it looks like I'm going to work and bottle beer. Maybe I'll be able to go out and do something fun.

Next week some time, I'm going to talk about more COMEDY! That's right, I'm returning to a TOPIC. It'll be Wednesday or Friday, most likely, but I might pull something out on Monday. Maybe the stars will align and I'll write about funny schmeg all week.

Who knows?

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