Monday, December 30, 2013

Vacations are for Writing

It's my annual vacation! I celebrated my 6th anniversary on Saturday, enjoyed a wonderful weekend with my wife, and now I'm back to writing. Sure, I have stuff going on nearly every day this week, but I also have a goal: finish my outline.

My rough deadline is the end of December for this outline. I have a feeling that that won't quite happen, but it WILL be done by the end of the day on Sunday. Just in time for me to go back to work.

Often, I like to spend my vacations doing nothing. I like to sleep late, play video games, and watch TV until my brain shuts down. But I haven't done that in years. Sure, I take advantage of the opportunity to rest, but I also take advantage of the free time. To write! As someone with a full time(ish) job, I don't always have as much time as I'd like. So this is the best time for me to "catch up" on all of the little writing projects I never get to finish.

Okay, not quite. I'm actually pushing myself to get this outline done so I can write another book. And I finally have enough time to get some real work done.

Before I start rambling and repeating myself, I'm going to end this post. Have a great week! There's a good chance I won't be blogging on the 1st. Not because I'll be hung over (designated driver this year. On purpose), but because I have several things scheduled for the day which MUST be taken care of. We'll see if I have the time, though.

So happy new year!

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