Monday, January 06, 2014

Charity of the Month: Compassion International

Well, the problem with being on vacation and completely zoning out is that I forget some of the most important things I need to do. Including a prompt COTM post.

I will not be discouraged at my own laziness, instead, I bring to you: Compassion International.

I've talked about this group many times before, and I've been privileged to stay involved with them for more than seven years. They do so many great things for people around the world that it's tough to pick one program to recommend. I love that they allow me to sponsor a child who might otherwise starve, but I also love their HIV/AIDS relief program, the disaster relief they work on, and a relatively new program that helps young adults leaving their sponsorship program to get a college education.

All in all, they are one of my favorite charities, and if you have the ability, please pop on over to their site and donate a few bucks. It's a great cause, and they can always use more help.

Have a great week, I'll see you all on Wednesday, and Happy New Year!

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