Friday, January 24, 2014

The Truth About Life

No one likes a whiny-pants. That person who's always moping for one reason or another.

I'm not talking about the person whose life is genuinely tragic. Like, they graduate high school the same day their dog dies, then get rear-ended by a drunk driver and spend the next year in physical therapy, only to find out they'll never be able to get that soccer scholarship they always wanted. Then, to make matters worse, grandpa dies. But at his funeral, they meet the person of their dreams, fall hopelessly in love… I see I'm rambling. I'll stop because I'm sure you see where this is going.

My point is, life is hard. No matter who you are, there are difficulties you will have to face. As a writer, one of the biggest difficulties I face is dealing with self-doubt that turns to loneliness. It's never crushing for me, but it makes parts of my day difficult at times.

And I try not to whine about it. Because that won't help anyone. Especially me. Yes, writing is tough. Getting published is even harder. But as a writer who sought out other writers, at least 30% of my connections (both online and in the real world combined) are writers. And they're struggling through similar circumstances. And some of them are going through very real and painful situations in their personal lives on top of trying to juggle jobs, family, and writing.

A friend of mine from Borders recently told me that he's sick of all of the inspirational quotes he sees on Facebook. People pretending to be upbeat about their lives but doing nothing to fix their problems (at least that's how I interpreted his comment). He made this comment on a Facebook post I made about the struggle of getting an agent. I'm not always upbeat about the process, but I'm not whiney or quick to give up. I've pointed out several times over the past year that writing is an emotional and mental struggle for me. But I always make a big deal out of how determined I am. Not because of what I want other people to think of me, but because of what I want to think of me.

It's easy to get defeated. It's easy to give up. But the truth is, giving up sucks more than fighting harder and trying to succeed.

The truth about life is that struggle will surround us forever. It's impossible to escape. And the harder truth is that perseverance doesn't always produce the results we want. Yes, that sucks. A lot. But it's a truth that MUST be faced. The good news is that perseverance DOES produce results. And eventually, with the right attitude, it will help produce results that we can learn to be content with.

Life is going to change a lot for me over the next year. In a good way, but it's going to take a lot of effort. I know I keep talking about some of these big changes, and I promise I'll let you all know about them soon. For now, enjoy your weekend.

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  1. Just trying to be a writer is life-changing, and when you add in the stuff that goes with it (queries and submissions and promotion/marketing), it's no wonder writers get down in the dumps, overwhelmed, and whiny.I know you'll work hard to make all those good things happen. That's all we can do.