Monday, February 10, 2014


Today I can finally make THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

A few weeks ago, two friends and I got together and recorded a podcast. We've been working tirelessly ever since to get it up and running, and with the few snags we hit along the way, I wanted to keep the info on the down low just to make sure we didn't put out a release date before we were ready to launch.

Well, our soft open begins as of today! To on over to Beyond the Trope and look around. Our first episode will be out in two weeks, but keep an eye out in case I manage to get something up early for the "out of town preview."

We have a blog set up, too, and my Wednesday posts on this blog will be replaced by a weekly post on the Beyond the Trope blog.

So that's it. That's what we've been working toward, and it's something we hope to pursue for years to come.

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