Monday, February 24, 2014

This is the Week!

I'm excited to remind all of you that the Beyond the Trope podcast goes LIVE tomorrow!

Wanna know a secret? You can already subscribe on iTunes and get the first episode. It's official tomorrow, but today it's already there.

So rather than sticking around here and reading something random that I wrote, go check out Beyond the Trope, maybe comment on the blog, and listen to our debut episode.


  1. Going to go check it out :-)

  2. I'm finally getting a chance to blog hop a little. Heading over to the Trope blog to check it out. Also, I scrolled down and read your post about date night with your wife. That's a wonderful habit/tradition to start early on. If you have a dinner theater in your area, that's an extra sweet date (if you can catch a show that both of you will like, that is).