Friday, March 14, 2014

Book Review: Curtsies and Conspiracies by Gail Carriger

This, the second book in Gail Carriger's FINISHING SCHOOL trilogy, is an amazing read! As with her previous novels, Carriger builds on a well developed world, adding new gadgets that feel real as well as imaginative. The characters add more depth to the story universe, and they dance across the page in a manner that convinces the reader that they are real people.

This is Sophronia's second term at Mademoiselle Geraldine's, and she faces new challenges that stretch the limits of her training, natural instincts, and (more importantly) her ability to engage with her peers and potential "targets."

Carriger weaves the character-arc into the plot so seamlessly that it's difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins. And even though the action and pacing are reminiscent of classic genre novels, the style and voice bring to mind classic literature in a way that only an expert can manage.

If you like spy novels, political intrigue, romance, humor, and/or fast-paced action, this book is for you! So go to your local bookstore and buy the first novel in the trilogy, along with this one, and pre-order book 3 so you have it in hand on November 4, 2014. You won't regret it. And if you do, just donate the books to your library for other readers to enjoy.

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